Outlet : Industrial

Outlet : Pallet

The plastic product produced by Srithai Superware is the plastic pallets for moving goodson a pallet at once by using Forklift / Handlift. The plastic pallets are durable, easy to maintain and easy to clean. It is  svailable in one time / one way time and permanently. The pallets can also be used to adjust the floor level.

    Outlet : Dustbin

    The plastic trash for home use or public places including in the factory, which has a design that takes into account about the benefits of the product with beauty. It is certified to export to many countries around the world. The Superware bins are popular with many customers both government and private sector.

      Outlet : Industrial Container

      The plastic product produced by Srithai Superware. Industrial containers are used in various factories such as storing things, can be stacked, easy to move and  available in various sizes according to the application area.

        Outlet : Fish Crate

        Plastic products are produced by Srithai Superware. Fish crate is high quality material, durable plastic  with two reinforced handles. Used for storing things such as  fish,shrimp, ice and etc. Can be stacked and easy to move.

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          Customer Service Outlet : Industrial

          Khun Waratsaya Samniengsanor (Marketing Officer)

          +(66) 38 203 000–2

          +(66) 38 203 482 (Fax)

          +(66) 92 579 1600 / +(66) 84 945 5322


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