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IML Products

Consistent development ensures that Srithai Superware Public Company Limited provide quality product 
for leading cinemas in Thailand and international especially stadium
cup and popcorn bucket. The products are creatively designed
with high productivity by using labeling technology called
IML (In Mould Labeling). 

Apart from plastic packaging for cinemas, the company also provides
graphic design service with respond to customer’s needs under
one stop service. Not only fast service but we also ensure that
we address your product with best quality based on worldwide standard.

    Food Container Products

    Srithai Superware Public Company Limited aims to

    improve food packaging consistently.
    Product design, and production are done by professional
    staff under research and development department
    including the use of updated technology and machines
    so as to meet customer’s needs with outstanding
    product quality.

    In terms of environmental care, we intend to create
    environmental-friendly product by implementing
    ‘Lightweight’ concept to lower the use of raw material
    and energy while the product remains its efficiency
    function. Moreover, Carbon Footprint Product as well
    as Carbon Reduction are employed to measure carbon
    level released from the production so as to reduced
    carbon occurs from production. For quality assurance,
    we are certified with numerous standards such as
    ISO9001, GMP, HACCP, and BRC. These certifications
    emphasize and guarantee quality and safety from
    production to delivery.

      Research & Development

      At Srithai, the R&D as well as packaging design team collects data
      and analyze with modern standardized instrument which makes
      the company effectively create new products. With a hand of
      new technology, the company is able to improve and solve problems
      in current products to meet customers and consumers’ need,
      and better production.

      Product design as parts of R&D Development works under
      creative concept called 3 SAVE. This reflects brand identity
      by applying new technology to process and design which is
      resulted in efficient product and safety.

      Srithai is willing to develop based on R&D to improve products
      and design to provide new innovation, uniqueness, and value
      in economy.

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