Rigid Packaging


Being in business for over two decades, Srithai has developed many pails of various sizes and designs to suit several industry applications.

Realizing the importance of visual impact as a key marketing tool for customers, Srithai has introduced Heat Transfer and IML technology as an alternative to the traditional screen printing to offer more decorative choice for customers.

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- Sizes
- Decorations


    With our global technology reach, Srithai can offer significant design know-how to the advantage of our customers.

    Our manufacturing capabilities ensure our customer will enjoy the high-level of quality and reliability.

    Our solid partnership with World Class Pail Designers and IML Suppliers ensure the World’s Best Technology in pail design and decorations in always at our disposal to put our customers in the lead.

    - Design
    - Manufacturing
    - Expertise

      Service and Design

      During the years serving customers in Thailand, Srithai has been well-known for quality and reliability, putting its capability to supply customers as the first priority.

      Srithai Superware Public Company Limited also reacts to customers urgent requirements and any supply issues with earnest, transparency and speed, as well as promoting pro-active approaches such as early involvement and supply chain collaboration with customers. 

      - Reliability

      - Quality

      - Collaboration

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