Material Handling


Transportation equipment, unloading and placing the order.

Suitable for all industries Distributor and Retailer solution

for manufacturers, including providers of logistics.

Type of pallets
1. One Way pallet 
2. Light Weight 
3. Reversible
4. Non-Reversible pallet


Transport handling diverse applications in order to move goods.

From producer to consumer The design can be used optimally

meet customer needs

Type of Container
1. Standard Container
2. Nesting Container
3. Foldable Container
4. Break Case (Tote Box)
5. Frozen Container
6. Automotive Container


Srithai Superware Public Company Limited is the first manufacturer in the industry are changing from drinking water wooden crate to plastic crates.  The current can be designed to meet the needs of customers by advanced technology. Supports the production line at the plant. 

    Total Logistics and Supply Chain Solution Services

    Srithai Superware Company Public Limited. are the solid partner

    with customers. We can provide total solution for efficiency supply chain. 

    1. Customer Requirement : Cost Reduction, Easy Operation
    2. Product Design & Development : Present new products
    3. Mold Design & Development :  As customer requirement
    4. Prototyping :  Trial products and development
    5. Test lot & Line Trial : Prepare for  timeline schedule
    6. Manufacturing :  Production  product 

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