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PET Bottle

As a result of modern technology to reduce logistics and 
transportation cost, the company expands its business 
into blow molded PET bottles to support Srithai Superware

Company Limited one stop service production in product line

called In Line, starting from Crystal drinking water bottle.


    Srithai Superware Public Company Limited produces

    and sells closures under License of Universal Closures

    Limited (UCL), United Kingdom. 

    Our products are sold in 14 countries in South East Asia 

    and Pacific which are Thailand, Philippine, Malaysia, 

    Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore, Papua New Guinea, Laos, 

    Fiji, Myanmar, Tahiti, Noumea, New Zealand, and Australia. 

    With modern technology in production, our products are 

    lightweight such as short neck CSD bottle (PCO1881), 

    drinking water bottle (30/25 and 29/25), Aseptic 1881, 

    Aseptic 38mm, HMC (Hinged Moulded Closure) and 

    Sport Drink closure under ISO 9001, GMP, HACCP, 

    and FSSC 22000.

    Additionally, our professional technical staffs for 

    customer service also provide all-in-one service 

    to support users till the project is succeeded. 


      Srithai Superware Public Company Limited is specialized in

      producing lightweight preform and is the first one who produces

      and sells preform PCO 1881 in South East Asia region.   

      We also provide technical staff and collaborate with partners

      in machinery and mold maker worldwide to solve and

      give advice to the customers till the project is succeeded.

        Now, the company continues to improve 

      lightweight preform to reduce cost and sustainably 

      develop product efficiency which supports full range 

      customer service.

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