Corporate Governance

The Company operates its businesses in a fair manner, upholding the long-practiced culture under an ethical framework, which has been developed to suit the ongoing economic and social changes, and being responsible towards every stakeholder groups. As a result, in 2016 the Company was rated as being “Excellent” in the Corporate Governance Assessment of Thai Listed Companies undertaken by the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET).

The Company’s Board of Directors has established the Good Corporate Governance Policy, as part of the Company’s overall policies, which came into effect in 2004. The Good Corporate Governance Policy Guidelines have been developed and, since then, regularly revised to be current and appropriate to the latest situation.

The Board of Directors appointed a Good Corporate Governance Committee in 2012 to work with the Good Corporate Governance Working Group, which was also established in the same year. This working group is responsible for monitoring, assessing and improving the Company’s Good Corporate Governance Policy, so that it remains appropriate and consistent with the changing economic and social environments as well as with the relevant and applicable laws. It also has to ensure that it is consistent with the Corporate Governance Policy of Thai Listed Companies as specified by the Stock Exchange of Thailand and involved regulatory authorities.

The Board of Directors approved and published the “Good Corporate Governance Policy (3rd Edition, Revised - 2013)” in order to be appropriate and correspond to the amended regulations which encompasses the following key points.

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

“Srithai Superware Public Company Limited, the manufacturer and distributor of industrial and household products, is committed to producing quality goods that are safe for consumers while taking into account its responsibility for communities and environment, related parties, and society as a whole in different aspects that might be affected from the Company’s operations. This is based on business principles that are transparent, accountable and ethnical.  The Company respects human rights and interests of stakeholders by complying with the laws and other regulations or relevant international standards.  It is also committed to be developed and improved in order to continuously and sustainably create a foundation of corporate social responsibility alongside its business growth with continuity.”

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